Software development is accelerating. The need to develop better software in less time constantly motivates the development community to find better ways to deliver the product. This drive has led to a new way to build software that is being rapidly adopted worldwide: DevOps. DevOps is amalgamation of the Development and Operations practices to Software development and Delivery.

Waterfall Model

DevOps is an amalgamation of Development and Operations practices for Software development and Delivery. DevOps aims to build better, faster, and bit responsive software by bringing Development & Operations teams together. The DevOps cultural shift depends on continuous optimizing workflow, architecture, and infrastructure to deliver high-quality applications.

Agile Model

The agile model created a shift in the development & testing space as well as the release frequency. The software was developed iteratively and incrementally. Scrum, a methodology in the Agile delivery model, quickly became very popular.

DevOps Model

DevOps takes the Agile model a step further by bringing the release and deployment activities closer to those of development and testing. An agile team is responsible for developing, testing, and releasing the software, they create.